Thomas Webley

Not very much is known about Thomas Webley.  He is thought to have been born in Gloucester and as a youth placed by his parents as an apprentice with a dyer in London.  A tract published shortly after his and Thomas Alfield's execution implies that his parents were of some financial means and honest.  It is known that there were Webley families living in Gloucester and Brockworth at this time.

Thomas Webley appears to have been received into the Catholic church by Thomas Alfield, and then became involved in the circulation of catholic books.  Richard Topcliffe, the notorious priest seeker and torturer, listed Thomas Webley along with Ralph Emerson, a Jesuit lay brother, and Edward Shelley, as dispersers of traitorous books.  Under interrogation Thomas remained resistant to questioning.

Thomas Webley was convicted and sentenced under the same legislation as Thomas Alfield, and hanged with him.

Thomas Webley was declared Venerable by Pope Leo XIII in 1886.

D Cottam – transcribed from Bergin April 2014.