John Pibush

John Pibush, son of Thomas Pibush, was born in Thirsk in Yorkshire.  He entered the English college in Reims on 4 August 1580 and was ordained on 14 March 1587.

In 1589 he was sent on the English mission and was arrested in Moreton-in-Marsh in 1593 and sent to London.  On being charged with treason, he replied "If to be a priest is a traitor, then I am one.  I thank God for it."

Pibush was returned to Gloucester gaol and on 19th February 1594 he took advantage of a mass break-out of twenty prisoners.  He was recaptured the next day in Matson, taken back to Gloucester gaol, from where he was sent to Marshalsea and tried again under 27 Eliz. cap 2 of 1585.   He was kept prisoner in Kings Bench where his health deteriorated.

On 17th February, 1601, he was summoned before the Lord Chief Justice.  When asked why he should not suffer death according to sentence it is reported that he answered "that he had never in his life committed anything for which he could be justly put to death; that he had been condemned barely for being a Catholic priest; and that he was willing to lay down many lives, if he had them, for such a cause".

The next day he was hanged, drawn and quartered at Southwark.